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Trends has been synonymous with providing inspiration, ideas and information to the housing and commercial markets for over 30 years. During this time the company has been at the forefront of introducing new production technologies and new ways to reach audiences. First established as a print media company, Trends now offers an integrated approach across multiple channels including print, online, digital and social.

 The central hub for these channels is – a resource that makes project planning so much easier for users and designers.

The origin of Trends

Brand origins

“We started with a fundamental concept: ‘Do it once and use it often’. And now, there are so many ways you can tell your story,”

David Johnson, Chairman & Publisher of Trends Media Group

David has an extensive background in advertising and radio that dates back to the 1970s.

In 1982, with partner Gordon Dryden, David formed the Dryden Johnson Group and grew the business into a substantial marketing and publishing company. The flagship product, the Trends series of titles, were initially designed for the Home Interest market, but were soon extended to include the Commercial Design market.

Over the next 20 years David continued to build the Trends brand and it now produces more than 60 high-quality publications a year, with specific titles for New Zealand, Australia, USA, SE Asia, the Gulf, China and India.

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An entrepreneurial spirit

“As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to have tenacity – no matter what happens, you keep on going,”

– David Johnson

In 1998 David won the Ernst and Young New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He continued his involvement with this programme, as a judge of the awards and through mentoring up to a dozen different entrepreneurs around the country.

In 2005 he was on the international judging panel for the Ernst and Young World Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Monte Carlo.

He also judges a number of other Awards programmes in New Zealand and is a director on several company boards.

“I learn so much from these experiences,” he says, “it’s a win-win situation.”

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Digital focus expanded

“The biggest change of influence at the moment is in the social environment. It’s absolutely a total mindset change,”

– David Johnson

As the digital media landscape has evolved, David has kept Trends at the forefront of developments and innovations – from the initial establishment of the original Trends Ideas website, through video production by TrendsTV, to the launch of the Trends digital platform in 2014.

David is a firm advocate of online environments – an area in which he sees Trends developing an even stronger position in the future.

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An eye to the future

David is also committed to expanding the company globally, and offering the multiple media platforms in all the countries where Trends has a presence. In some countries, Trends has 100% ownership of its titles and platforms, and in other countries works with a partner.

Meanwhile, Trends is looking at further expansion with other specialty subjects outside the home and commercial design market.

Trends media group timeline


Dryden Johnson Group formed by David Johnson and partner Gordon Dryden. The business grows into a substantial marketing and publishing company and evolves to produce the Trends series of titles


Trends Home series in New Zealand


Commercial Design Trends in New Zealand


Trends series in Australia


Trends series in Singapore


Trends series in Malaysia and Hong Kong


Kitchen Trends in the United States

1998 – first Trends website


Trends series in the USA – ten titles a year, distributed by TimeWarner


Original – one of the first media websites to give online access to all print content


Trends TV – a digital production unit creating online and offline video content for Trends and its clients


Trends China – 12 issues a year


Trends Digital International – web, social media and other online business development and strategies


Trends India – 10 issues a year


T2 – In-house Creative Agency – a full agency service across all media


Content available digitally in eBook and App versions


Trends – an innovative digital platform connecting homeowners, professionals and suppliers


Increasing audience reach for content through eNews strategy plus social strategy, especially Facebook.


Optimisation for mobile


Trends has a full range of effective channels through which you can reach your target audience, including digital, online, social and print.

We can tailor your campaign to a specific channel, or integrate it across several

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Trends has been synonymous with providing ideas and information to the housing market for over 30 years. Our multimedia platform is unique and innovative in terms of our audience being able to search, save and share products and services in the home and commercial design space.

Advertising with Trends aligns your business with high quality content. Our audience trust Trends for ideas and inspiration, and hence by association trust our advertising partners to help them complete their projects with quality products and services.

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