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Trends provides multiple platforms for distribution of information to an audience who are in the – zone of looking for ideas, products.

Services and specialists for their home projects. These browsers are highly engaged, pre qualified and ready to spend.


The website is a social design site which provides users with highly visual, ideas, products and service. As a registered user of the site, you can search, save, and organise photos or stories to reference for your project. Content includes images, article and videos relevant to home design. As a registered user, you will also receive weekly eDM’s on latest design ideas, and access to the Trends eBooks as soon as they are published
eBooks are a facsimile replica of Trends print editions, live linked to more details of content on trends website which allows for easy saving of content into your own collections for future reference
TRENDSnews is sent weekly to 49,000+ subscribers in the Home Design market and fortnightly to 8,800 specifiers for Commercial Designs. The Residential Audience are highly engaged and motivatie to buy -85% of recipients will specify the products for their project and will spend in excess of $143m in the next 12 months. Promotion in TRENDSnews can be through banner advertising, medium rectangle ads, 1/2 page ads or specifically written stories that will sit on
With over 190,000 users of Trends social media, platforms, trends can post to Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to provide independent endermant of a product or service.