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How to find your Business Profile if you are an Administrator or Editor

If you are an Administrator or an Editor on a Business profile, it is very easy to access those profiles for updating.

Simply log in to the platform, click on your personal profile icon.

In the dropdown you will see short-cut links:

  • My Profile – to view and edit your personal profile
  • Collections – directly to any saved collections you have created
  • Followers – showcases any other users following you
  • Following – a summary of personal and business profiles you are following
  • Messages – your personal message center where all platform messages are stored
  • Business Profiles – will link you directly to the business profiles you Administer
  • Bookmarks – will take you to all content you have previously bookmarked and want to be reminded of
  • Click on the Business Profile button – it will display the Profile icons of those profiles you can edit.

Select the profile you wish to edit by clicking on the icon, and once the profile has opened, select Profile Administration

Managing your profile

Edit your profile account settings

You can easily add others in your team to help administer your profile and keep it up to date. They will just need to be registered to the platform to enable you to add them.

When they register, they will need to create a personal profile. Make sure that they use their company email address when they do this.

Ask them to style their profile, to give your company more visibility – upload a Cover Image that has some connection to your company. Plus give their position and the company name at the top of their ‘About Me’ text.

Then our trends users will know who they are when they communicate with them.

For any changes within your profile, be sure to click the yellow ‘save’ button at the bottom of the screen to ensure information is updated.

Manage your profile

Log in to the website –

Find your profile – search ‘company name’ by Businesses

Click on the Profile Icon
Click the profile button, then the user profile administration button

Profile Design

Within this space you can change out your Logo, Profile Hero and Profile Title Image. The ‘logo’ is your brand logo (or alternate image) that will appear within the Profile Tile and on your Profile ‘Hero’ as a display. The ‘Hero’ appears at the top of your profile. The ‘Profile Tile’ image is what appears when your profile is being searched for (Profile Icon). These are simply drag and drop – follow instructions. e.g. “upload image”, select file from desktop, drop and then “save”

For optimum results when choosing your images, here are the dimensions:

Logo (logo) – 200 x 200px
Profile hero (background) – 1170 x 300px
Profile Tile (search result background) – 690 x 476px

General settings

Let people know how to get in touch.

It’s simple for Trends users to contact you via your profile and content to discuss their projects. However, they may prefer to give you a call or pop in to a showroom (if you have one!). Make it easy for them to find you by adding contact details to your profile.

You can also edit your profile name, contact information and physical address. Note: Your address will automatically sync with the Google Maps widget. This means Trends users can easily plot the quickest route to your place when planning their projects – so make sure you enter the correct details!

It is here too that you need to add a brief description of your company/business which will display when your profile appears in search results. Always remember to click the “save” button when editing.

About us

Tell us a bit about yourself.

The About Us section is where you can tell people everything they need to know about your business, products and services. This is your chance to fill them in on all the great things you do.

It’s easy to add and format text, to insert images and embed videos and add links.

Keeping your About Us fresh is easy. Content here will display on the ‘home page’ of your business profile. It also contributes to increasing your visibility and search ranking if you regularly visit the ‘About Us’ screen and change some words, add another paragraph, upload a video etc.

To add text, just click on the page and it will allow you to type directly onto the screen.

To insert an image click on the Insert Image icon

Simply choose the image you want to insert, click Save.

To embed a video from YouTube, simply click on the Insert Video Icon

Embed the code of in the YouTube link

Click ‘Insert’

To live-link an image in your ‘About Us’ screen:

  • click on the image you want to link
  • click on the ‘Edit’ box
Fill in the detail box as appropriate with title, the link, Click ‘Open in a new tab’, you do not have to complete the position box.
Click on the BLUE Save button

Image will now be linked. Remember to click Yellow Save button

Account settings

This is easily updated as appropriate. It is important to complete the “direct enquiry ” email line which is the recipient address for emails sent from website users – remember to click the yellow save button.

It’s best to use the email address of a registered user as the ‘direct inquiry’ contact. Then use more generic email addresses such as support@ or info@ for your secondary and tertiary email contacts

Every piece of content that you load to your Profile will carry a ‘Contact’ button for users to connect with you easily, so it’s important that the information in your Account Settings is up to date

Social Links

A business profile holder can expand their network by adding social media information. These can be easily updated as appropriate. Once the URL is added you will notice the respective social media icons will appear in the top right of the page.

Clicking on one of these icons will instantly take a user to your respective social media page.
Remember to push the yellow ‘save button’ when completed

Authorised users

Add or delete as appropriate – remember that any person you want to add needs to be registered to the trends platform. This is a security function and no administrator or editor can be added if they have not been previously registered as a user.

An administrator is a top level position, and can add editors and other administrators as well as update content.

An editor can only update content.

Click ‘Add;


You have up to 100 keywords available to you to describe your business or product, or words that relate to the business.

You also have the ability to drag 10 key words into the display box – these 10 will display on your profile and are a quick and easy way to inform a browser about what you do.

To add keywords, just type the word into the submission box.

For the 10 display words, drag and drop those into the box above they keyword box.

For any changes click the ‘save’ button at the bottom


You can have up to 10 keywords that display on your business profile, this will help consumers get a feel for your business.


Simply drag and drop the most appropriate keywords into the grey box. Click “Save” and they will appear as “Tags” on the homepage of your profile.


Brand settings

Type in additional brands, click ‘add’ click  then the ‘save’ button at the bottom
Brands will appear as “Brands” on the home page of your profile.

Creating Collections

An image collection can be created under the ‘Collections’ Tab, located on the top menu bar.

An instruction box will appear to guide you through each step
Click Save and follow directions from next box – drag drop and save images
Once images are uploaded, click next and complete the next screen

Update the Collection

You may want to refresh and/or update a Collection. Simply click on that collection and click on the function you want to complete – Add Images, Edit or Delete

Changing the Cover Image

Click on the ‘gallery’ to the image you want to make your cover image, click on the Icon at the bottom of the image ‘Make Cover Image’

You will be prompted to confirm you want to change the cover image

How to Edit a Collection


You have the ability to change captions, reorder the images and/or delete from any of your collections.

To do this click on the collection you want to update


Click on the ‘Edit’ Button


Click the profile button, then the user profile administration button


To update captions, click on blue button ‘Edit Images’


Click the Blue ‘Edit’ button to add or change the captions/description


Type in the caption box, and click ‘Submit’ to save


To reorder the images, simple drag and drop the images within the Edit screen – remember to ‘Submit’ to save

Resizing your images

If your images are too large and you need to resize for upload you can do this by utilizing a software called PicMonkey

1)  go to:

Click Edit button on the homepage

This will open a window on your own computer to allow you to select the image you are wanting to resize. 

Select the image and it will load into PicMonkey

Click the resize button on the bottom lefthand side of the navigation

Look for change size fields – for a Horizontal image place 1000 in 2nd box, for a vertical image put 1600 into the first box. The image will automatically resize. Click Apply, click save. Then click save to my computer and choose the destination file.

Message centre

The Message Centre is where all conversations with website users are housed.

Every piece of content that you upload to your business profile, together with any advertorial stories and their images, is connected directly to you so browsers can contact you easily. These browsers are spending billions of dollars on their projects in the next 12 months and are very much ‘in-the-zone’ of looking for products and services to fit their needs.

As users are browsing the site, they can save content to their own personal profiles, but they can also ‘Contact’ you directly. To do that they click on the ‘Contact’ button and will complete a message box like this

As the owner of that content, you will be notified by an email that you have an enquiry. That notification will look something like this

Category Settings

Category settings place your profile and image collections in the correct search results on the site.

When a user chooses to use the category drop down in the top navigation to select their search criteria.


To set your category settings first click on the “Profile Administration” tab on the top right hand corner of your profile


Then select Category Settings from the left hand navigation:


Then select the category that best suits your business from the dropdown by clicking on the + symbol


Then select the sub-category that best fits your business from the dropdown by clicking on the + symbol


If you make the wrong selection simply click the – symbol to remove and make another selection


You can choose multiple categories and sub categories if your products or service fit into more than one category or sub category