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Trends Publishing has been producing home design print publications since 1982, and Commercial Design publications since 1988.

The Trends Home series consists of eight issues each year, promoting ideas, products and services for all areas of the home.

Commercial Design Trends is produced quarterly and published is in March, June, September and December.

Trends Home Series

The Trends Home series consistes of eight issues a year, promoting ideas, products and services for all areas of home design including kitchens, bathrooms, new homes, renovations, interiors and outdoor living.

Trends Home presents the best examples of recently completed homes, kitchens and bathrooms, both local and international.

Each issue is packed with great images, ideas and information on design, products and services to help make readers' projects a success.

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Trends Commercial Design Series

Commercial Design Trends is aimed at our professional readers, and showcases commercial projects. The book features regular sections on offices, hospitality, retail, education and apartments, as well as a host of other relevant topics. It also presents the latest products and services from designers and manufacturers.

Commercial Design Trends is a quarterly publication in March, June, September and December each year.

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Advertorial is unique to Trends and is indistinguishable from Trends editorial. Written by the Trends editorial team, advertorial contains great photography, a strong headline and subhead, and text that promotes a clients' product or service as the solution to a design challenge.

Advertorial has integrity, is written in an easy-to read style, is factual and specific, is the base for robust conversation and can be used as an effective sales tools.

As well as appearing in print, Trends advertorial stories are also published in Trends eBook versions and are posted online at

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Advertising in Trends books promotes brands in an environment where readers are open to ideas and suggestions.

Trends books are highly targeted to people who are in-the-zone of making product decisions for their home project.

Brand Advertising within Trends helps create desire. Set against full-page, full-colour advertorial, brand ads stand out in the context of the overall content.

Trends books are undated, so the impact of advertising continues for a long, long time – with no built-in obsolescence. Added to that, all Trends books are repurposed into eBooks for distribution and readership on endless newsstands.

Advertising in Trends provides great value for investment.

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