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Professional Profiles

Professional Profile

Step 1: Register

You can register using n email address or simply click on the social plat form icon of your choice
Tell us what content you are interested in by simply clicking on the images. Then click the orange button to confirm your choices.

This will assist us in directing you to the content that is relevant to your interest.

Step 2: Verify your account

Open your email browser and find your confirmation email. It looks like this

Click the “Activate my Account” Button

Now return to your web browser, you should have a message on screen confirming your account has been verified. Click the blue button (OK)

Step 3: Add your Designer Name, Business Name and Association Credentials

The next time you visit the site and login the form below will pop up

This screen will allow you to dd your designer name, business name and credentials. This information will appear as the headline on your Professional Profile.

You simply need to fill in the bottom field (Business name) and click the update button

There is one more step to go to style up your profile to represent your business.

Step 4: Update your profile

The designer name and credentials you added earlier will appear here.
You will also notice two text links on the right hand side of the profile.

The message centre will allow you to communicate with users you follow or users/businesses who follow you, directly from the site. You can share ideas and information, link them to your profile and your collections to promote your business.

Click on the Profile Administration button and you will be taken to the administration panel for your profile where you can start to add in or update your profile information. 

Click here to visit our Trends About Us site where you will find all the information you need to assist you in managing your Business Profile