Website is a social design platform which provides users with stimulating ideas, products & services for their projects.

98% of users own their own home and intend to spend in excess of $3.4 billion on their projects in the next 12 months (April 2019)

Step 1:Register

You can register using an email address or simply click on the social platform icon of your choice.

Tell us what content you are interested in by simply clicking on the images. Then click the orange button to confirm your choices.

This will assist us in directing you to the content that is relevant to your interest.

Step 2: Verify your account

Open your email browser and find your confirmation email. It looks like this

Click the “Activate my Account” Button

Now return to your web browser, you should have a message on screen confirming your account has been verified. Click the blue button (OK)

Step 3: Add your Designer Name, Business Name and Association Credentials

The next time you visit the site and login the form below will pop up.

This screen will allow you to add your designer name, business name and credentials. This information will appear as the headline on your Professional Profile.

You simply need to fill in the bottom field (Business name) and click the update button

There is one more step to go to style up your profile to represent your business.

Step 4: Update your profile

The designer name and credentials you added earlier will appear here.

You will also notice two text links on the right hand side of the profile.

The message centre will allow you to communicate with users you follow or users/businesses who follow you, directly from the site. You can share ideas and information, link them to your profile and your collections to promote your business.

Click on the Profile Administration button and you will be taken to the administration panel for your profile where you can start to add in or update your profile information.

Click here to visit our Trends About Us site where you will find all the information you need to assist you in managing your Business Profile.

General Settings

Let people know how to get in touch.

It’s simple for Trends users to contact you via your profile and content to discuss their projects. However, they may prefer to give you a call or pop in to your office (if you have one!). Make it easy for them to find you by adding contact details to your profile.

You can also edit your profile name, contact information and physical address. Note: Your address will automatically sync with the Google Maps widget. This means Trends users can easily plot the quickest route to your place when planning their projects – so make sure you enter the correct details!

It is here too that you need to add a brief description of your background & qualifications which will display when your profile appears in search results. Always remember to click the “save” button when editing.

About Me

Tell us a bit about yourself.

The About Us section is where you can tell people everything they need to know about your business, products and services. This is your chance to fill them in on all the great things you do.

It’s easy to add and format text, to insert images and embed videos and add links.

Keeping your About Us fresh is easy. Content here will display on the ‘home page’ of your professional profile. It also contributes to increasing your visibility and search ranking if you regularly visit the ‘About Us’ screen and change some words, add another paragraph, upload a video etc.

To add text, just click on the page and it will allow you to type directly onto the screen.

To insert an image click on the Insert Image icon

Simply choose the image you want to insert, click Save.

To embed a video from YouTube, simply click on the Insert Video Icon

Embed the code of in the YouTube link

Click ‘Insert’

To live-link an image in your ‘About Us’ screen:

click on the image you want to link

click on the ‘Edit’ box

Fill in the detail box as appropriate with title, the link, Click ‘Open in a new tab’, you do not have to complete the position box.

Click on the BLUE Save button

Image will now be linked. Remember to click Yellow Save button

Customising your professional profile

Your profile is what sets you apart from every other myTrends users. It’s a great idea to customise your profile with information about yourself, your ideas and your favourite images.

To manage your profile after logging in simply click on Profile at the top right of the page

This will take you inside your personal profile.

Click on 'User Profile Administration'

It is from this screen that you can update any and all of your personal details and preferences. Remember, to ensure all entries/changes are kept, click the save button at the bottom of the page.

Make your profile unique and personal by uploading a photo of yourself. Both your profile and cover photos can be uploaded using our easy up-load function. The recommended size for a profile image is 250px x 250px

To personalise your profile further, you may want to add a special image or a design you love (Cover image).

Click on Cover Image

and upload an image that will run across the top of your profile.

Remember to Save. The recommended size for your Cover Image is 1170 px x 300 px.

Opening Hours

Let our users know when your showroom is open so they can visit to meet you or your staff and view your work.

Simply click on the Opening Hours Tab in your profile administration screen.

Fill in the hours you open and close for each day of the week.

If there are days when your showroom is not open simply click in the close tick box.

You can select whether to display your opening hours on your profile by simply clicking in the show opening hours tick box.

Remember to click on the save button at the bottom to save your settings.

Category Settings

Category settings place your profile and image collections in the correct search results on the site, when a user chooses to use the category drop down in the top navigation to select their search criteria.

To set your category settings, first click on the "Profile Administration" tab on the top right jand corner of your profile.

Then select Category Settings from the left hand navigation:

Then select the category that best suits your business from the dropdown by clicking on the + symbol

Then select the sub-category that best fits your business from the dropdown by clicking on the + symbol

If you make the wrong selection simply click the – symbol to remove and make another selection

You can choose multiple categories and sub categories if your products or service fit into more than one category or sub category

Brand Settings

If you represent a Design or Product brand, you can display this on your profile.

These brands will be indexed on Google to promote your profile.

Type brands in the "add" box, then click the button "add", then the "save" button at the bottom.The brands will appear in the Brand Setting box.


To keep you up to date with the Most Popular content on our site, we will send you an email which will tell you about the content our users are enjoying.

You can regulate the frequency you receive these emails directly from the administration area of your profile.

Simply click on Notifications, check what it is you would like us to tell you about. Select the frequency from the dropdown, and click Save.

You can update your selection at any time.

Finding your way around

The homepage will help you find your way through the site. Here you will find links to the latest eBook, and the latest articles and collections, as well as links to company profiles, videos and recently added collections.

It is also the start point for finding what you are looking for.

The top navigation bar is consistent across all pages of the site and this is what helps guide you.

The top navigation bar is consistent across all pages of the site and this is what helps guide you.

or just type using the Search function

Top right in the navigation bar is where you can set your location to serve content relevant to your country – or view content from other countries.

Using your profile – Search and save

The website is designed to help you find great ideas that you can then save to your Personal Profile for reference and use when you are ready.

Your search can be by Image, by Business, by Article or by Video.

The default search result will display in a Grid layout, however you can change tat at any time by using the button at the top of the search result to List or Thumbnail

Result Display - Grid (default display)

Result Display - List

Result Display - Thumbnail

Click on any image to view in a larger format

Search by business

If you search on Businesses you will be introduced to any Trends partners who can provide products or services in relation to your search criteria.

Simply click on the company icon to see more information, collections, articles and contact details for the company you choose.

Search by articles

Articles will return full articles trlated to your search criteria.

Search by articles

Articles will return full articles related to your search criteria.

Click on any article of interest to view the full story and all images related to that article.

With all search results you have the ability to save the content to your own collections within your personal profile.

To do this you click the ‘Save’ button on each piece of content and follow the instructions – see below.

Gallery View within an Article or Collection

When you have found an article that interests you, or a Collection, they will present with a “hero” shot, and a row of thumbnails. When you click on one of the thumbnails, it will present in this view – with a navigation tab across the bottom.

From time to time you will want to view the detail at the bottom of the image. Just click this symbol, bottom right of picture

and the complete image will appear.

You can save this image to your own personal collection from this screen at any time.

Saving content to your profile

You will notice some additional tabs under your personal image – About Me, Collections, Following and Followers.

Your ‘Collections’ are where your images and articles will be stored when you save content from the Trends website, and where your own uploaded content will be found.

Found content you want to keep?

You can save anything you find on the site – whether that’s an article, an image, or even a video. You also have the ability to upload your own content into a Collection for your project – and then can share this with family, friends or even your design professionals.

From each piece of content, you will find a ‘Save’ button either at the top, or the bottom of that content.

If you are in an ‘article’ and want to save the complete article, use the Save button above the story.

Click on Save

This will prompt you to save the content to a Collection – either a Collection you already have, or you can create a New Collection to save this content to.

Select the Collection and click Save

You will then be able to add any captions or comments in relation to the image.

Click Save

Saving an individual image

If you are reading an article and there is just one image from that story that you want to save to your collection, click on that image in the gallery – the thumbnails that sit below the hero image and text.

Upload your own content

From your Personal Profile, click the Collections tab and then the + New Collection button

From there you can add images from your desktop, give them a caption and Save.

You can upload your own content from an existing Collection by clicking add images

eNews Weekly

Once you register you will start to receive our Trends news communication. This communication is full of great ideas to assist you with your current project or simply keep you up to date with some inspirational content and available product.

You can save your favourite content into your profile collections.

Simply click on the highlighted link.

This will link you directly to the content online where you can save directly into your own Personal Profile and tag the content for your future reference.


From time to time you find content on the website that you want to refer to – as opposed to saving to a collection within your profile.

When this happens, each piece of content allows you to Bookmark, Save, Share or Like.

If you choose to tag Bookmark, to retrieve your tagged pieces of content you simply log in to your personal profile and use the dropdown menu. Click on Bookmark.

All of your bookmarked content will appear on the screen

From here you can view your bookmarked content by All, just Articles, Image Collections or Videos. View by clicking on the content and from there you can decide to remove – open the content and visit Bookmark again to remove the Bookmark tag, you can save the article to one of your own collections or create a new collection, or save an image, or share the content.


Keywording for your Professional Profile

In the administration section of your profile you will find an interface for keywording.

Keywording is a very important part of your profile setup.

The top 10 keywords you enter will appear on the front page of your profile and give an indication to our users of the key aspects of your business.

These 10 keywords together with the balance of your keywords will register with Google and assist in bringing your profile to page one of Google search and influence how your business is found within the website when a user searches on your business type,product type or brand.

Here are some tips to assist in ensuring your business ranks on key searches of your business type:

  • Keywords can vary from single word searches to short phrases or long phrases.

  • A single keyword search could be your type of product ie Appliance or bikes or a single word that illustrates this such as cooking or riding.As these words are quite general,it is hard to rank well in any online environment by simply using single word search terms.Obviously a brand and company name would do better.

  • Short and long phrases should also be used when keywording.Think about the most commonly used questions your customers ask you,think about how they would search for your product or service and incorporate those phrases into your keyword allocation.

  • Of course you need to make sure that the answers to those questions and phrases can be found in your content or the users will not have a satisfactory experience

  • You can update your keywords at any time by simply going into your profile administration interface.So your keywording can be kept relevant as you introduce new products,ranges or information onto your business profile.

You have up to 100 keywords available to you to describe your business or product, or words that relate to the business.

You also have the ability to drag 10 key words into the display box – these 10 will display on your profile and are a quick and easy way to inform a browser about what you do.

To add keywords, just type the word into the submission box.

For the 10 display words, drag and drop those into the box above they keyword box.

For any changes click the ‘save’ button at the bottom

Creating Collections

An image collection can be created under the ‘Collections’ Tab, located on the top menu bar.

An instruction box will appear to guide you through each step.

Click Save and follow directions from next box – drag drop and save images.

Once images are uploaded, click next and complete the next screen.

Update the Collection

You may want to refresh and/or update a Collection. Simply click on that collection and click on the function you want to complete – Add Images, Edit or Delete.

Changing the Cover Image

Click on the ‘gallery’ to the image you want to make your cover image, click on the Icon at the bottom of the image ‘Make Cover Image’

You will be prompted to confirm you want to change the cover image

How to Edit a Collection

You have the ability to change captions, reorder the images and/or delete from any of your collections.

To do this click on the collection you want to update.

Click on the ‘Edit’ Button

Click the profile button, then the user profile administration button.

To update captions, click on blue button ‘Edit Images’.

Click the Blue ‘Edit’ button to add or change the captions/description.

Type in the caption box, and click ‘Submit’ to save.

To reorder the images, simple drag and drop the images within the Edit screen – remember to ‘Submit’ to save.

Resizing your images

If your images are greater than 4mb in file size then you will need to resize it before you can upload it.

The easiest way to bring file size down is to reduce the image dimensions(width & height)

You can do this quickly and easily using an online tool called,

  • Get started on Step 1 by uploading your image
  • Then jump down to Step 3, here you can enter your width and height values.
    • If you image is landscape, we suggest a maximum width of 1600px
    • If your image is portrait we suggest a maximum height of 1000px
    • As long as you keep “Keep Aspect Ratio” checked, the system will calculate the corresponding width or height to match the value you entered.
  • Now jump to Step 6, JPG is the best option for photos. It should be checked by default.
  • Step 7, choose the image quality, Best Image Quality will be checked by default.
    • If you want to compress further you can choose “Normal Compression” and enter a percentage value. Anything 80% or above will still be amazing quality.
  • Click the Resize Image button
    • You will now see options that displays links to View Image or Download Image. To get the resized image into your computer just click on the Download Image button.

Message Center

The Message Centre is where all conversations with website users are housed.

Every piece of content that you upload to your business profile, together with any advertorial stories and their images, is connected directly to you so browsers can contact you easily. These browsers are spending billions of dollars on their projects in the next 12 months and are very much ‘in-the-zone’ of looking for products and services to fit their needs.

As users are browsing the site, they can save content to their own personal profiles, but they can also ‘Contact’ you directly. To do that they click on the ‘Contact’ button and will complete a message box like this.

As the owner of that content, you will be notified by an email that you have an enquiry. That notification will look something like this

Sharing content with others

From time to time you will want to share content you have found or saved with others.

You can share from any piece of found content – an image, an article or a collection.

Within the content you are viewing you will find a share button (next to the ‘Save’ button).

Click on the Share and you will have multiple options for sharing that piece of content – via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ Email or Flipboard. Click on the icon for the platform you want

If you choose email – an email message will appear. You can type in your own message, or send the pre-written one which includes a link to your content.

Contacting content owners for more information

All across the site, you will be able to make contact with content owners to find more information or get more details. Simply look out for this symbol

Click on the button, and communicate directly with the owner of that content. The company representative will receive notification that you have sent them a message and will respond. The response will be found in the ‘Message Center’ within your profile – you will receive a notification of that in an email.

Staying connected

To keep up-to-date with your favourite profiles and/or business contacts, you have the ability to Follow that company or person within the website.

If you are viewing a Business that you want to stay connected to, you will see a Follow button in their Profile Image top RH side.

To stay connected with that business, simply click on the blue button and you will find them saved under your Following button within your personal profile.

In your profile you can manage and view who you are following as well as see who is following you.